Kemonia River srl

ODLA is a very impressive device, first in its kind; it has been conceived by Kemonia River srl, an imaginative start-up devoted to performative arts and social innovation.
It is the first keyboard for music digital writing and, thanks to the staff keys, it is accessible also to visually impaired musicians and composers.

I was involved in the project developing the product design.

A clean and round appearance distinguishes  ODLA, since my intent was to make the device friendly and professional at the same time. The product is meant to last through the years so the design does not take inspiration from latest design trends.

Usability criteria guide the positioning of all the keys, yet the most important feature is the music staff made up of “line-keys “and “space-keys”;  it is placed and arranged  in a prominent position: it crosses the keyboard vertically, breaks the grid and stands out among all the other keys.

A further and beneficial attribute is the wristrest in the lower part of the device; in addition, a vivid coloured label with the company’s logo upon it, represent a final embellish to the product.