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I was born in Palermo in 1985 and raised in Cefalù. Now I am based in Treviso and work as a freelance industrial designer.
"One year later I decided to continue working as a freelancer, so my career became very intricated.”

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at University of Palermo in 2008 and a master degree in Industrial Product Design at IUAV University of Venice in 2011 with a graduation project on special needs toys: “Emmo. An interactive toy for visually impaired children”.

After a first freelance experience in the field of consumer electronics products at Alessandro Paulis Design Studio, in 2013 I started working at Clementoni spa, a well-known Italian toy manufacturer company. As a member of the R&D team, I designed and was involved in the development of numerous infant toys.

In 2015 I came back to my freelance activity, continuing to design toys for the same company. Further collaborations began in this period with FabLab CFV (Make and Play) and H-Farm Education; I designed several educational play kits and learning activities in the field of digital education.

Since 2016 I regularly collaborate with “Driusso Associati | Architects”, architecture and design studio based in Mestre – Venice.

In 2018/19 I partecipated in a research project on interactive toys design at IUAV University of Venice, in collaboration with Geomagworld SA (Swiss toy manufacturer company).

In july 2019 I was invited as keynote speaker to the Speechie Project Dissemination Event “Technology for Bilingual Children with Developmental Language Disorders (DLD): Where do we stand?” at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Malta; title of the keynote speech “Designing Successful Educational Toys”.

"One year later I decided to continue working as a freelancer, so my career became very intricated.”